PLUGGED IN: The true toxicity of social media revealed

In 2019 we released our ground breaking documentary with Executive Producer Richard Grannon about the true nature of unlimited access to social media and Smart Phones and its effect on young peoples mental health. With over 25,000 views in its first 10 days and some incredible comments and feedback, this documentary has spawned a Plugged In movement and website of its own.



Director Richard Willett & Executive Producer Richard Grannon chat with Gareth Icke about the film and themes in Plugged In.


“Well done. Bravo. That was hard to watch, but I'm so glad I watched, and I am grateful that this video exists and was made. Very good ending. I may come back and watch this again. Bravo” - Elizabeth Brown

“This doco is desperately needed, particularly for parents of millenials.” - Moonlight Lady “Total resonance! Amazing work from Richard and Sam!!” - Bizz Noir

“This is a video everyone needs to see. This documentary turned out so well done! The world needs this. Thank you!” - Amanda Glazier

"They're investing in a symbolic world." Brilliant documentary! x - Kerry McCarpet

“Masterpiece guys ... Damn dude - Richard G., You and Sam nailed it - hands down” - 3rdi Open_93

“Incredible work and so many insights learned , not just from its impact on our “digital natives” but society as a whole” - Trudy Smith

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