At BITWM we're massively proud of what we do, because we tell challenging stories. Storytelling is what resonates with us all; it has done through history. We want to help storytellers surface difficult issues, to share them with a wider audience. We make documentaries to achieve social change. We take your true story and use the best techniques in cinematic film production to tell it with the greatest impact. Together we journey from your original concept through scripting and pre production to the actual film production and distribution. We'll help your story be seen by a world wide audience on digital platforms and at festivals. We bring over 30 plus years of combined experience in documentary film and feature film production. We meld the mission, the characters, the message and overall psychology of your true story into an unmissable feature.



Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis is a feature length documentary that brings to light the many ways in which we the public are being mind controlled and hypnotised on a daily basis. World renowned stage hypnotist Jonathan Royle awakens you to the vast mass hypnosis & mind control that many are still sleeping under….It is time for the sleep walking zombies to wake up before it truly is too late. 


Featuring Neil Sanders Author of the incredible “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own” Vol1 & 2 which details the facts and disclosed evidence of mind control programmes and experimentation performed by governments and government agencies across the world.

PLUGGEDIN: The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

Listed in the Top100 Documentaries on line
Platinum Award: Mindfield Film Festival
Gold Award: Spotlight Documentary Film Awards

Spiraling rates of mental health issues among young people including increased suicide rates and a near doubling of eating disorders led us to look into the effect Social Media could be having on our youth. 

From this investigation was born a documentary: "Plugged In", a shocking exploration into the hidden toxicity of the social media platforms and the way they deliberately provoke negative emotional and mental states in end users for profit.

"That's what storytellers do, we restore order with imagination, we install hope again and again"

I came across Richard and Danny (and Brick In The Wall Media) by chance via LinkedIn, and what a find! I was scouting around for new ideas on how best to tell the Saffron Steer story but was not at all satisfied with the poor, unprofessional responses I was getting from the run of the mill social media agencies who just didn't get how different we are as a healthcare strategy business! Enter these guys and the whole thing changed. From the first conversation both Richard and Danny were engaging, creative and super perceptive - they GOT it! Our mini movie is the best investment Saffron Steer has made in its marketing for a long time. Thanks chaps!  - Micheal Barker ( CEO Saffron Steer)

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